A unique environment for research

The European Bioinformatics Institute has been leading computational biology research since its inception in 1994, with work spanning sequence analysis methods, multi-dimensional statistical analysis and data-driven biological discovery, from plant biology to mammalian development and disease.

Research groups

Research at EMBL-EBI is carried out both in groups devoted solely to research and in some service teams. Most research groups collaborate closely with experimentalists, and some generate experimental data themselves.

  • Alex Bateman
    Senior Team Leader, Protein sequence resources
  • Pedro Beltrao
    Group Leader - Beltrao research group
  • Ewan Birney
    Deputy Director General of EMBL, Director of EMBL-EBI and Senior Scientist
  • Alvis Brazma
    Functional Genomics Senior Team Leader and Senior Scientist
  • Isidro Cortes Ciriano
    Group Leader - Cortes Ciriano group
  • Rob Finn
    Team Leader, Microbiome Informatics
  • Paul Flicek
    Associate Director of EMBL-EBI Services, Senior Scientist and Head of Genes, Genomes & Variation Services
  • Nick Goldman
    Group Leader and Senior Scientist
  • Zamin Iqbal
    Research Group Leader - Iqbal research group
  • Thomas Keane
    Team Leader, European Genome-phenome Archive and European Variation Archive
  • Andrew Leach
    Head of Industry Partnerships and Head of Chemical Biology
  • John Marioni
    Head of Research, Group Leader and Senior Scientist
  • Irene Papatheodorou
    Team Leader - Papatheodorou team: Gene Expression
  • Evangelia Petsalaki
    Group Leader - Petsalaki research group
  • Janet Thornton
    Director Emeritus of EMBL-EBI and Senior Scientist
  • Virginie Uhlmann
    Research Group Leader - Uhlmann research group
  • Daniel Zerbino
    Visitor - Group /Team Leader Outgoing - Zerbino research group