Ewan Birney and Rolf Apweiler in 2016


EMBL-EBI's Directors: Dr Ewan Birney (left) and Dr Rolf Apweiler (right)

EMBL-EBI is led by joint Directors Rolf Apweiler and Ewan Birney. They are supported by two Associate Directors of Services, Paul Flicek and Johanna McEntyre, the Head of Research, John Marioni, and the Head of Administration and Operations, Rachel Curran.

EMBL-EBI is part of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), an inter-governmental organisation with over 20 member states and two associate member states. EMBL is led by the Director General, Professor Edith Heard, as appointed by EMBL Council. The Council is composed of all member states of the Laboratory.

You can read more about EMBL leadership and guidance on the EMBL website.

Strategy and Management Committee (SMC)

At EMBL-EBI, strategic decisions including budget, funding and the shaping of our data services are deliberated by this committee. Members are shown in alphabetical order.

Rolf Apweiler Director
Alex Bateman Head of Protein & Protein Family Services
Ewan Birney Director
Alvis Brazma Head of Molecular Atlas Services
Cath Brooksbank Head of Training
Lindsey Crosswell Head of External Relations
Rachel Curran Head of Administration
Paul Flicek Associate Director of EMBL-EBI Services, Head of Genes, Genomes & Variation Services
Nick Goldman Research Group Leader and Head of Research
Henning Hermjakob Head of Molecular Systems Services
Gerard Kleywegt Head of Molecular and Cellular Structure Services
Andrew Leach Head of Chemical Biology Services
Johanna McEntyre Associate Director of EMBL-EBI Services, Head of Literature Services
Steven Newhouse Head of Technical Services
Helen Parkinson  Head of Molecular Archive Resources
Rob Finn Team Leader, Microbiome Informatics
Sameer Velankar  Team Leader, Protein Data Bank in Europe
John Marioni Head of Research
Jessica Vamathevan Head of Strategy
Sue Lee Senior Human Resources Officer

Group and Team Leaders

In addition to the SMC, EMBL-EBI Group and Team Leaders are a crucial element in decision making. These include:

EMBL Scientific Advisory Committee

Council establishes a Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), which shall give advice to Council, in particular with regard to proposals from the Director General on the realisation of the programme of the Laboratory. Current SAC members are listed on the EMBL website.

Scientific Advisory Committees - Services

Our bioinformatics services largely represent global collaborations, and these are advised by individual scientific advisory boards and committees. A full list of members is available here.

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