Industry partnerships

An important part of EMBL-EBI’s mission is to disseminate cutting-edge technologies to industry. Some 20% of our users are engaged in industrial R&D and our services are constantly evolving to reflect the rapidly changing needs of this crucial sector.

As biology becomes more data-driven, the bioindustries are forming pre-competitive collaborations, as well as open-source software and informatics standards to improve efficiency and reduce costs. These are the core elements of our Industry Programme, a forum for interaction and knowledge exchange for those employed at the forefront of industrial bioinformatics.

The EMBL-EBI Industry Programme


Kazuhisa Tsunoyama and Hiroki Shirai, Astellas Pharma, Inc.

The EMBL-EBI Industry Programme has been an important and vibrant part of EMBL-EBI since 1996, providing regular contact and interaction with key stakeholders and opinion leaders at major global commercial companies and informing them of the institute’s future directions.

The EMBL-EBI Industry Programme is a subscription-based programme for global companies that make significant use of the data and resources provided by EMBL-EBI as a core part of their R&D. Member companies represent most of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies as well as several major agri-food, nutrition and healthcare companies.

The programme is unique, providing regular quarterly strategy meetings, expert-level workshops on topics prioritised by the members, webinars and other activities. It also serves as an interface between industry-focussed initiatives at EMBL-EBI and organisations such as the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), the Pistoia Alliance, the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) and others.