EMBL-EBI Announcements

Oscillatoria redekei bacteria, observed in Rambla del Puerto del Garruchal, Murcia, Spain.

13 Sep 2021

Improving processing and quality of DNA data for biodiversity research

ENA and Global Biodiversity Information Facility create stable pipeline for sequence-based records

Cryo-EM structure of the flagellar motor-hook complex from Salmonella, with EDMB and wwPDB logos superimposed

23 Jun 2021

EMDB becomes a partner in Worldwide Protein Data Bank

Formal agreement between wwPDB and EMDB signed

Diagram illustrating the different stages of the bioimaging data sharing process

21 May 2021

Metadata to make microscopy images more open

New metadata guidelines for bioimages proposed to the community in the hope of unleashing the full potential of bioimaging data

Graphic of checklist on mathematical background

25 Mar 2021

Improving reproducibility in systems biology

BioModels designs an eight-point scorecard to improve mathematical model reproducibility in the life sciences